Earthquake Ready Burnside Bridge Project

An Earthquake Safe River Crossing

We depend on the Burnside Bridge as the main emergency route across the Willamette River. Connecting Washington County to Gresham, Metro designated Burnside Street and the bridge as an emergency lifeline route in 1996.

The Burnside Bridge has the least risk of an overpass collapsing on or falling beneath it during an earthquake. In the event of a major disaster, we all will rely on this east-west connection to aid emergency vehicles and disaster recovery efforts, including reuniting our families and spurring the regional economic recovery.

This is why Multnomah County is taking the lead on making the Burnside Bridge earthquake ready. The draft Feasibility Study has extensively screened over 100 bridge replacement and rehabilitation options. Four options remain as the most promising study in the upcoming environmental review.

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Representatives from the Earthquake Ready Burnside Bridge Project presented to the LCRHSC at the November 14, 2018 General Membership meeting. All information presented here is from materials presented at the meeting and are also available on the project website.